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ZMedia, now part of ValueClick, provides emails and leads with UltraLeads, their “new email and lead generation solution for timely, targeted and cost-effective building of personalized interactive marketing relationships.”


Need: Keep a startup on track


Problem: Alan Stein, the entrepreneur who started this business, was very clever: He recognized the importance of opt-in email lists and started a business that delivered high quality prospects.


But a young company has growing pains and the energy that helps create growth can also create friction. How do you keep things moving and have everyone pulling in the same direction?


Approach: As VP, Operations, Paul Schnitzler took the role of listener. By valuing each person’s contribution, he developed coherence in the group.


In addition, he recognized that there was a “bricks and mortar” field that naturally related to the core business: direct marketing mailing lists. He opened the door to this field which served to stabilize the core e-business in the middle of the dot-bust (2000)!


Although it was only a side job, he created a sales pipeline of over $2,000,000.


Results: The company stayed solvent and was acquired!


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