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Communications products
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Need: Communications products


Wire, wireless, and fiber telecommunications

Deliver state-of-the-art technologies to satellite, fiber, analog, and undersea systems.

At Bell Laboratories, Paul Schnitzler developed unique circuits for use in advanced undersea systems. This included both analog and digital circuits. In addition, he led the transition from analog to fiber systems for undersea applications.

At RCA, he directed work leading to increased telephone capacity for existing satellite transponders.

For Coastcom, he directed the development of an advanced digital telephone multiplexer.

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Need: Video products


Video systems including cameras and plasma display panels

Deliver state-of-the-art technologies for a range of video products.

For RCA, Paul Schnitzler led the development of a new CCD-based broadcast video camera which won a television Emmy for technology.

Also at RCA, he led the development of the first prototype digital television camera.

For Spectron Corporation of
America, he developed the electronics and software for a new type of plasma display. He led the integration of the panel, electronics and software.

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Need: Software products


Software in medical, database, and embedded applications

Develop specialized software for unusual applications.

As President of a Creativity Software company, Paul Schnitzler formed the company and led the development of a unique creativity program in just 13 months.

For Consumer Health Sciences, he developed TriVector an application for their clients to produce rapid cross-tab reports.

As President of Princeton HealthCare Services, Paul completed the code for the Princeton Medical Index, a personal entry system to collect the patient medical history.

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