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Bell Telephone Laboratories: The SH Ocean Cable 16,000-Channel Repeater uses the latest in semiconductor and circuit technology to create the widest bandwidth, longest life ocean telephone system. This unit fits in a standard undersea repeater body.


Need: The next generation undersea trunk telephone system.


Problem: The then-current transatlantic cables provided 4,000 two-way FDM telephone circuits; the next system had to provide 16,000 circuits. This would require a base-band system with a 150 MHz bandwidth that would also meet the stringent undersea requirements.


Approach: In creating the design, Paul Schnitzler and his colleagues used virtually every advanced analog technology available: feed-forward error correction; 3 GHz, 1.5 W, ultra-linear transistors; computer-tuned L-C matching networks; laser-adjusted ceramic integrated circuit boards; and complementary-B power amplifiers to name some of the advances.


Results: The photo shows the actual prototype repeater. It met all of the performance requirements and was completely manufacturable in the company’s plants.


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