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New Plasma Display Panel

Need: Proof of a concept:


Problem: Martin Lepselter invented a new way to build flat plasma displays and he needed to prove that it worked. A major electronics company invested $2 million to develop prototypes.


Approach: Paul Schnitzler was asked to create a power supply for the physical panels that would be built. It developed that drive circuitry, control software and out-sourced manufacturing would be needed as well.


Working closely with two physicists and a mechanical engineer, Paul led the development of his components and the integration with the physical panels


Results: During 18 months, this team took an idea, created a series of displays starting with a simple 8 x 8 pixel monochrome display. In that time they proceeded to build a 32 x 32 monochrome and then color display and finally a 10” diagonal monochrome display that was driven by a standard computer.


At each milestone date they exceeded the promised goals and at the end, the work was completed for less than the $2 million available.


The investor took over the project and started a new division to productize this new plasma panel.


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