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Princeton HealthCare Services:
Princeton Medical Index

Need: Determine the viability of a new product


Problem: PHCS had developed a prototype for an application to collect a patient’s medical history directly from the patient, --- no professional time was required. Leonard Blank, Ph.D. had the idea and self-funded the initial work. What to do now?


Approach: Paul Schnitzler took over as President of PHCS and immediately reviewed the product, the Princeton Medical Index (PMI). He determined that it was not ready for actual use: it could hold only 1000 patient records and it was missing several important diseases.


Together with Dr. Blank and another member of the team, they simultaneously: completed the product; began demonstrations for physicians, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical firms; and wrote a complete business plan.


The goal was to build revenue and then seek investment financing.


Results: The product and business plan were completed but it became clear that physicians were reluctant to use the PMI. While we heard statements such as “It takes the history exactly as I would” from physicians, everyone was unwilling to change their office procedures to accommodate this new tool.


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