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Complete your projects
Developed new business
Create organization cohesion
Plan your business
Harness your creativity

: Complete your projects

Manage complex projects
Create effective multidiscipline teams
Build coherent productive teams.
Deliver products on time and in budget

: Working directly with the client’s team, we have managed projects through effective motivation. The result has been the right product at the right time and for the expected cost.

As Director for Advanced Technology at the Time Inc. Magazine Company, Paul Schnitzler led the development of a video-based bindery line monitoring system. He organized the team, arranged for manufacture, wrote the training manuals, and directed the installation of the complete systems. All for one-third the cost of any commercial system.

As VP Engineering at Coastcom, Paul took a stagnant multiplexer development project, focused the team and brought the product to delivery. By deferring all non-essential features to version 2, the company was able to quickly complete the design and move it to production.

As Head, Broadcast System Research for RCA Laboratories, he built a multidiscipline team to solve the problem of using CCDs in a broadcast television camera. The project saved the company two months in a one year project and earned RCA an Emmy for technical excellence.

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Need: Developed new business


Identify target markets
Match products to market needs

: Use market research and personal connections to learn about market needs and identify prospective customers.

As International Director for Business Development at Cadence Design Systems, Paul Schnitzler used his personal network to create a $10 million design services sales pipeline.

For a startup with an exciting new material, he called his own contacts as well as those of the inventor. He found the one market segment that urgently needed this special product. The market has a $10 billion potential and the market for this new product was $100 million.

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Need: Create organization cohesion


Bring groups together: Marketing, Engineering, Customer Service…

Approach: Use interpersonal skills to enhance communications between groups.

As VP Engineering at Coastcom, Paul Schnitzler helped all of these groups listen to each other. As a product was refined in Engineering, Marketing was consulted to be sure the result was correct. As it moved through Manufacturing he engaged Customer Technical Support to get them ready for the release.

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Need: Plan your business


Focus teams on business needs
Stimulate strategic thinking

Approach: Start with your sales projections. These will drive all parts of your planning.

In working with several startups, Paul Schnitzler helped the companies imagine how their sales will grow. This led directly to the revenue estimates and staff and facilities needs…And there is your business plan.

While VP Operations at
ZMedia, an email-based dot.com, he recognized that their business paralleled the “bricks-and-mortar” mailing list business. He started ZMedia’s efforts to strategically enter that arena.

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Need: Harness your creativity


Solve your most important business problems

Approach: Critical problems may sometimes seem insurmountable. That is when you need to be creative.

Paul Schnitzler started a Creativity Software company to help users find creative solutions to the most daunting problems. This product was developed in 13 months and actively makes the user more creative.

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