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Hybrid Power Amplifier

Internal circuit

The RCA TA 8425 UHF Power Amplifier Modules cover the 395 MHz to 512 MHz band with three different power levels of 10, 13 and 15 watts with a nominal 10% bandwidth. They incorporate reliable thin-film technology and feature 50-ohm input and output impedances, infinite load-VSWR and compact size.



Need: Respond to a market attack


Problem: RCA’s mobile radio power transistor market was threatened by a hybrid integrated power module released by TRW. RCA needed a competitive product quickly.


Approach:Paul Schnitzler decided to “clone” the TRW product. RCA had comparable transistors so we digitized the TRW ceramic circuit and built the module using RCA transistor chips. RCA’s legal department determined that there was no patent infringement by doing this and we had working models in three months.


However, our version had serious thermal problems: the output stage overheated! We solved the problem by dividing the circuit into two boards (see photo at right) and placing the hot transistor on its own heat sink. Success!


Results: This product was released and expanded to nine versions: three frequency ranges and three power levels. It was sold profitably by RCA for five years.


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