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Undersea Fiber-Optics Regenerator

Need: Urgent need for the proof of a concept:


Problem: All undersea communications to that time was by analog, frequency-division-multiplexed coaxial cable. Could a fiber-based digital system be built that would meet the stringent demands of the undersea environment? Prove it in six months!


Approach: Paul Schnitzler took a team of analog engineers who had little experience in either fiber or digital design, had them not only design the system but also plan the process and distribute the work. He gave the team the responsibility for making this happen and they ate it up!


While it took a full month to organize the project plan, the engineers were already working on the details in their heads during this time. Once the plan was firm, progress was swift.


Results: In the allotted six months, not only was a full light-to-light regenerator built but important ancillary elements such as power and supervisory systems were created as well.


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