"Your product --- concept to customer"

Take your idea through development to manufacturing to marketing to customer
--- on time, on spec and within cost.

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Who we are

Paul Schnitzler






Identify your market

Develop you business plan

Build your product

Run your business



Need: Identify your market



Match product and market

Analyze market needs

Develop product requirements


Approach: Working with our Market Research and Strategic Planning Associates, we have helped clients understand their market and develop product requirements.


For Cadence Design Systems, we helped one of their customers understand its market. We described the product requirements in terms of what the market wanted. In so doing, Cadence landed a $12 million design contract.


Our Associates helped a Japanese television company understand the changing display market. We described the changes in the market regarding direct, projection, and flat panel displays. This study explored the effects of manufacturing costs and consumer prices on market demand.


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Need: Develop you business plan



Prove your viability as a business

Develop your revenue model

Write your Business Plan


Approach: We have helped our own companies as well as clients define and plan their businesses.


As President of a Creativity Software company, Paul Schnitzler planned the company’s strategy and brought their product to completion. Their business plan was brought to investors and seed money was raised.


Similarly as President of Princeton HealthCare Services, he developed the business plan and marketing strategy implemented both.


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Need: Build your product



Idea to prototype

Proof of concept

Bring focus to product completion


Approach: We have designed and built both electronic and software products for our businesses and that of clients.


For Consumer Health Sciences, Paul Schnitzler created a cross-tabulation report application based on the ideas of the client.


For Spectron Corporation of America, Paul designed and arranged for the construction of all of the electronics for a newly invented plasma display panel. He also developed the software to control the system and managed the integration with the new hardware. In addition, he developed software to operate and test the prototype systems.


As VP Engineering at Coastcom, he focused his group and took eight months off their new product development.


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Need: Run your business



Develop business

Grow your revenue

Manage difficult employees


Approach: Use management skills to address startup needs.


As International Director for Business Development at Cadence Design Systems, Paul Schnitzler created a $10 million sales pipeline in six months.


As VP Operations at ZMedia, he identified a new market for the company’s products leading to a $2 million new business pipeline.


At RCA, Bell Laboratories, ZMedia, and Coastcom, Paul developed a reputation of successfully integrating skillful but difficult employees.


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