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Paul Schnitzler





Need: Build a creativity software startup


Problem: Can we turn a creativity consultant’s skills into a marketable application?


Steve Grossman is a consultant in creative problem solving. He suggested that we design an application that would be as effective as he was.


Approach: Paul Schnitzler formed a Creativity Software company to this end. As President, he brought in a team that included two software designers, a playwright, a finance person, and a marketer.


He organized the business and wrote the Business Plan. He led the design team which brought the product to launch in fourteen months. He led presentations to three venture capital companies and a number of small investors. We had an attorney and an accountant working for us for expenses in expectation of our success.


Paul raised $100,000 in investments and loans from family and an angel investor.


Results: The product was successful in its function and some units were sold and continue to be sold. Unfortunately the marketing model did not work and growth has been very slow.


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