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Consumer Health Sciences collects market research data from consumers regarding the use of pharmaceuticals on behalf of major manufacturers. Their customers’ staffs need to be able to explore all types of relationships among the array of consumer data. This shows one type of Cross-Tab Report available from the TriVector application developed for CHS.


Need: Custom software application


Problem: Cross-tabulation charts from massive marketing data had to be made easily accessible to users. Conventional database systems such as Access were complicated to use and even with a custom report design were much too slow: tens of seconds to create and display a single cross-tab report. A fraction of a second was required and it must be usable by a non-technical person.


Approach: Paul Schnitzler’s approach began by first writing the User’s Guide. This was complete with sample screen shots. The User’s Guide assured that the customer’s desire for simplicity was met.


The speed problem with conventional databases results from looking at every record in order to count the occurrences of the target field values. By converting the data into one long character string, it was simple to quickly extract the required data.


Results: The application, TriVector, had a response under 1 sec for a 12 MByte database; the user interface was judged to be fully intuitive.


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