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Coastcom’s AIM —Advanced Intelligent Multiplexer is a next-generation multiservice access concentrator for integrated access to Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM), Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Frame Relay, and SONET networks.


Need: Complete and release a new product


Problem: Engineering had been working on this new multiplexor for three years and seemed to still be a year from release. This was much too long for a technology development.


Approach: Evaluate the product status in terms of what was necessary for the customer in the first release.


Paul Schnitzler, as Vice President of Engineering, had Engineering, Marketing and Sales create a list of everything that still was needed in the product before it was finished. There were about 70 items! No wonder they seemed to be a year from release.


He then challenged the group for every item with: What will happen to the customer if this item were not in release one? At the end of this process only six items remained. At every point, Marketing and Sales agreed with deferring the item.


It took three weeks to complete and test those six items and the system was then demonstrated for the President.


Results: Manufacturing and building test facilities took another three months, but in less than five months from the start of the process, product was ready for shipping.


The company projected that with this product available, sales for the coming year would double!


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