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A manager introduces Enterprise Software, Production Improvement, a Merger, Market Expansion and more. And six months, or a year, later, nothing useful has happened. There was nothing wrong with the systems yet the benefits never occurred. This happens a lot! Only 30 percent of the time do such initiatives give the promised results.

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Paul Schnitzler, Ph. D. is a keynote speaker, author, educator and consultant specializing in Successful Change, Motivation, and Creativity which work together for overall business success.

In more than the dozen situations below, Dr. Schnitzler has successfully introduced significant changes defying the usual 70% failure: He defines success as achieving all of the desired goals! One of these achievements led to the ubiquitous use of fiber optics for undersea communications. Another was the creation of the first broadcast-quality CCD video camera which won a television Emmy! Each of these had billion dollar benefits to the industries involved.

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Consumer Health Sciences

Bell Laboratories

Paul Schnitzler, President, has extensive senior level experience in the electronics field including work with both large and small-or-startup companies. He has been particularly effective in getting technology products developed and out the door. His approach helps people enjoy their work and want to be better at it — and so they are.

Our network of Associates permits us to provide the wide range of capabilities that we offer. Financial, Sales, Operations, or Marketing are just a few of the types of expertise the network offers.

Paul and his colleagues can bring these skills and results to you --- as consultants, interim managers, or, most valuably, as key parts of your organization.

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